What Is the best mediation for menopause relief?

I have 3 different answers to that question!

Find out why and what they are - in this video. 

Plus find out why meditation is important during menopause in the first place!

Why even bother with meditaing for menopause relief?

Meditation can help with menpause symptoms

According a 2011 randomized trial, "Mindfulness for menopause gave women significant relief from hot flashes and night sweats,insomnia, anxiety, and perceived stress."   

This is the case because, with the hormonal changes of menopause we become more sensitive to stress, so we have to do just a bit more each day to manage that stress - just to keep it from escalating

And we want to keep stress from escalating because, if stress gets too high....

"Menopause stress can contribute to memory loss, weight gain, osteoporosis, and even sagging skin! Basically, it can make us old!"  Says Dr. Trutt, an expert from PhysioAge Medical Group in New York City.

Tthere are two ways to manage the increased stress levels of menopause 

I highly recommend doing both

  1. The first is is some type of meditation, and in this video we're going to talk about which types are the best
  2. The second is - you also want to address the underlying hormonal cause of the increased stress & anxiety.  Because if you balance & harmonize your hormones, just a moderate amount of meditation will give great results.

Think of it this way

Dr. Patricia Van Santen says, "Your brain on menopause hormones is like a wild puppy. It runs around jumping, biting, and mediation is like training the puppy" 

If you have an underlying hormonal imablane that you're not addressing - your mind on menopause is not like a puppy it's more like frightened herd of wild horses.  You could meditate all day long and just barely begin to train it.  It's MUCH harder than training a puppy.

So just relying on meditation without addressing the underlying hormones is going to make your overall success in training your mind and nervous system not to be stressed much more difficult.

So dont forget about addressing underlying hormonal balance and combine that with meditation. 

And that brings us back to the topic of this blog post... What is the best type of meditation for menopause relief. 

And my THREE answeres to that question are... 

The three best types of mediation for menopause are

The best type of mediatation for menopause is the one you'll do most often

The biggest problem women run into when it comes to meditating during menpause is planning to meditate, saying they want to meditate, thinking about meditation, but not actually doing it.

So if there's a kind of medtiation you actually like to do and will do more often - choose that.

It could be exercise, yoga for menopause, breathwork, mindfulness, mindfulness for menopause like sitting, walking, chanting, art, singing so many possibilities.

My only problem with this answer is that you can run into a few problems with it down the road.

For instance, if exercise is your chosen method of stress relief - as you get older - you might not be able to exercise enough to get what you need.  Or you could get inured or get arthritis. 

Or in menopause too much cardio can cause weight gain and lowered metabolim!  So it can become problematic.  But if its works - and you do it - it's great.

The best type of mediation for menopause is breathwork

Many studies have shown that breathwork may have a direct effect on hot flashes.

It makes sense because in Chinese Medicine, breathwordk is the most direct bridge, the most direct line of comunication we have, with our nervous system.

So if you want to train your nervous systme, breathwork is the language it unerstands.

Time spent doing breathwork has a particularly profound effect on your hormones, both female hormones and stress hormones.

The best type of meditation for menopause is something you can do sitting or lying down

This comes back to what i was saying in #1.  If you can find a kind of meditation you like that you do sitting or lying down...

It means you can meditate anytime, anywhere, at any age, on a plane, stuck in an airport, stuck at home during quarantine, when you cant go to the gym, if youre injured, or your knees are aching, or your back goes out...  You can even do it in jail.  

Sitting meditation is a great life skill to have.  And now that youre a mature woman of wisdom I hithly recommend you learn some type of meditation practice like this!

So to sum up - the three best types of meditation are 1) The one you'll do most often.  2) Breathwork.  3) Some type of meditation you can do sitting or lying down.  And mediation is important because it can give significant relief from a variety of menpause symptoms. 

How to get started with meditation for menopause

And why meditation can be easier than you think

I highly recommend doing some kind of mediation reguarly during & after menopause.

If youd like help learning to meditate or knowing how long to spend meditating or how to combine the best types of meditation for your hormones...  

Check out my master your stress in minutes a day online course, and contact me to see if the special offier I have going at the time of this recording is still going on so you can get the entire course for just $27!

If youd like help with that underlying hormonal balancing -

To make sure your brain on menopause is more like a puppy than a herd of wild horses...

Watch for the next time I open my menopaues made easy with herbal remedies onlie program for enrollment, because customized herbs are the #1 most powerful way to help you body keep those hormones supported & balanced during & after menopause

And in the meantime, get started right now with the free resources below. 

Once you understand what's happening during menpause that's causing your discomforts,  you can feel better by controlling your hormones.  

You can feel great during & after menopause.  You can enjoy menopause. 

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Please put your questions & comments in the comments section below, I'd truly love to hear from you!

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