The Best Hormone-Healthy Chocolate Avocado Recipes

Why are we talking about this?  

Because using the best herbs for menopause, supported by the best diet for menopause, sometimes comes down to..

Standing in front of the fridge at 3 am thinking I WANT CHOCOLATE.

So part of my job is to help you with the nuts and bolts everyday reality of.... 

How do you make the best diet for menopause work when you're having cravings for chocolate - or just a "real" dessert?

So in this blog post I'm comparing 7 recipes for chocolate avocado mousse from around the web that are perfect for the menopause diet.  

I'll show you how to make YOUR perfect mousse whether you like mild milk chocolate or midnight extreme dark chocolate.  

I've also got a couple of BONUS chocolate avocado recipes for you. 

And I'll be using this dessert extravaganza as a blatant excuse to give you some valuable information about how (and why) to feed your hormones with healthy fats every day (the diet for menopause weight loss or menopause belly fat is not a low-fat diet.) 

And there are more great tips in the video!

Why Chocolate and Avocado Are Good For Your Hormones

1. Hormones are made of fat

Healthy fat is an important building block of hormones.  Avocados are a great source of this healthy fat.

2. Control inflammation

Avocados have lots of inflammation-fighting omega 3 fats

3. Boost brain function

Dark chocolate has been shown to increase brain function and blood flow to the brain

4. Stabilize blood sugar

Dark chocolate can decrease insulin sensitivity (and you wondered if healthy chocolate desserts were real!)

5. Get UV skin protection

Dark chocolate can protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays

6. Improve cholesterol

Dark chocolate can help increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol

7. Boost libido

Both avocado and chocolate are aphrodisiacs

About The Chocolate Avocado Recipes 

Why I love them

  1. Quick and easy to make
  2. Very satisfying as a  dessert
  3. Great for chocolate cravings
  4. Very food allergy & food-sensitivity friendly
  5. Easy to make vegan, paleo, dairy, sugar, and nut free
healthy chocolate avocado recipe

Kitchen tips

  1. These all work with a blender, food processor OR electric mixer. 
  2. Make sure your avocados are ripe
  3. Add ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, or orange zest if desired
  4. Top with chopped pistachios, cacao nibs, toasted coconut, or chocolate chips when serving.
  5. Always include a pinch of salt

Make them even healthier

  1. Use raw cacao
  2. Use non-dairy milk  
  3. Use a low-impact sweetener (like stevia, monkfruit, or Lakanto)

The Recipes:


  • Each row, left to right, is one recipe
  • Click on the "Avocado" row to see the original recipe




The Rest

1/4 cup regular cocoa powder and 1/4 cup dutch cocoa powder OR melted chocolate chips

1/4 cup maple syrup

3-4 T milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/8 tsp salt

1/4 cup dark chocolate chips melted and 2 T cocoa powder

1 T maple syrup

1/4 cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla, pinch salt

3 T cocoa powder and 1/2 cup dark chocolate melted

2 T maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla, pinch salt, 1/4 cup milk

50g raw cacao powder (=1.8 oz)

3-4 T runny honey

1 tsp vanilla

6T cocoa powder

6 T maple syrup or honey

10 T milk 

4 oz 70% chocolate melted

3 tsp monk fruit extract or liquid stevia

1.5 cups full fat nut milk yogurt. Cacao nibs for on top

6 T cocoa powder

6 drops liquid stevia

1 tsp vanilla, 1/4 cup water, 4 T coconut butter


BLENDER OR FOOD PROCESSOR: Place all ingredients in blender or food processor and combine until smooth (about 45 seconds) .

ELECTRIC MIXER: Place everything except melted chocolate in a bowl and beat with an electric mixer on high until smooth - then add melted chocolate and beat some more - until fluffy .  

Serve immediately OR store in fridge until ready to eat.  Sprinkle with nuts, chocolate chips, or cacao nibs when serving

How To Create Your Perfect Mousse

Build your own recipe by choosing 1 from each column:

  1. Choose from column 1 - the lowest, highest, or medium amount of chocolate -. depending on your taste. 
  2. Use 2 large ripe avocados (or 4 small ones)
  3. Choose your favorite sweetener from column 3  - add a little - taste - then add more if needed
  4. Add milk, water, or yogurt of your choice from column 4.  Add just as much as you need to get it to blend (if it's too thick add more) 
  5. Add optional ingredients of your choice from column 4 - vanilla, salt, coconut butter, and toppings


The Bonus Recipes

If you need a portable chocolate treat or one you can store in the freezer for emergencies - these truffles are perfect.

If you want to have this as a meal the smoothie recipe includes veggies and fruit so it's perfect.  

Bonus Recipe 1 - Chocolate Avocado Truffles

How to:

  1. Beat together 6 oz melted semisweet chocolate + 1/3 cup avocado + 1/2 tsp vanilla + pinch salt
  2. Place in fridge until slightly firm to the touch - about 20 minutes
  3. Ross into 12 balls
  4. Roll balls in cocoa powder if desired
  5. Store in fridge or freezer, but serve room temp

See the original recipe at


Bonus Recipe 2 - Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

Combine in blender:

  1. 2 small frozen bananas
  2. 1-2 pitted dates
  3. 1.5 Tablespoon cacao powder
  4. 1/4 of an. avocado
  5. 1.75 cups almond milk
  6. 1/2 tsp vanilla
  7. 1 cup baby spinach tightly packed

Blend until smooth 

See the original recipe at


banana for smoothie

See The Original Recipes

chocolate for healthy menopause smoothie

A huge thanks to these sites for the original recipes (they're all great places to browse for more delicious, healthy kitchen inspiration!) 


Add Tonic Herbs 

Add superfood tonic herbs to this recipe!  My favorites for women over 40  are:

  1. 1 tsp of Reishi or Chaga mushroom
  2. 1 tsp prepared He Shou Wu powder

Click Here to read more about the health benefits of Reshi and where to get it

What's Next 

These healthy chocolate avocado recipes are one piece of the puzzle when it comes to balancing hormones naturally and feeling great during & after menopause. 

To fit them into the big picture you want:

  1. Customized Chinese Herbs
  2. Supported by the best diet for your hormones

Learn how to get started with these free resources: 

Free masterclass

Three Steps to Easing Menopause Symptoms with Natural Remedies

menopause blueprint masterclass

Get back to enjoying life THIS year!

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 I'd love to know what was the one thing that jumped out at you - that you're going to start using right away?  

Please type that into the comments below along with any questions. 

Peace & Wellness

 - Dana

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