The Best Superfoods For The Menopause Diet

How do diet and herbs work together to help you feel better during menopause?

Customized herbal remedies are like the big guns that work fast - say your hot flashes are a fire - the right herbs are like a fire hose spraying water right on the fire - you're going to get the most relief fastest this way. 

how to find the best superfoods for menopause

So where does diet come in?

Well... If you have foods that help with menopause naturally they help create a cool, moisturized, alkaline, anti-inflammatory state in your whole body - so that really cool team of women firefighters is pointing the fire hose at a fire in the middle of a cool forest or moist jungle.

The wrong diet can leave you with a body that's parched and hot like a desert or a dry forest filled with dried up pine needles and sticks just waiting to go up in flames. 

Imagine how much easier it is to put out a little fire in a cool moist environment than to even control that same fire in a dry desert or tinderbox!

So how can you use diet to transform your body into this moist cool environment

Well.. You need the big building blocks first - get all the deets on those in this free download.

But then you can take your diet totally to the next level by using the best superfoods for menopause.  Find a few favorite menopause-specific superfoods and including them in your diet rotation regularly. 

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Here's how easy it can be...

(See recipes at the bottom of this post and I'll show you exactly how to use superfoods for menopause.) 

Stock your kitchen with...

Basic Superfoods

Phytoestrogen rich legumes:  

Chickpeas and lentils are not only rich in phytoestrogens, they also contain  folic acid, mg, K, B vitamins and protein.

Flax seeds 

These are rich in lignans, which can help modulate metabolism and use of estrogen to help with hot flashes, night sweats and dryness and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.  Try ground flax seeds sprinkled on oatmeal or add them to energy balls, or mix them into the meat for burgers, meatballs or meatloaf as a binder.

Leafy greens & broccoli 

Are rich in calcium & mg for bone strength, fiber to help prevent bloating and weight plus they have a positive effect on estrogen levels and estrogen detoxification.

In fact one study showed they produced an increase in the estrogen that reduces the risk of breast cancer  

and a lowering of the estrogen that causes the higher risk for breast cancer. Vegetables are also cooling & alkalinizing in the body.

Cold water fish

Salmon, mackerel, and sardines are great sources or omega 3s that can help decrease hot flashes and depression

Nuts & Seeds

Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, and sesame seeds are great sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids, cal/mag, K, and zinc, which support bone mineral density and ease hot flashes.  

Winter squash

Acorn and butternut squashes are great sources of Vitamin A and may help with constipation, which is really important for estrogen balance. 


3 oz (approx 5) prunes adds 3 - 4 mg of boron, which protects bones by extending the half lives of vitamin d and estrogen.   Also fruits are cooling and Try them in trail mix, cooked into oatmeal or pancakes, use them as a natural sweetener in a smoothie, or try them sliced and aded to muffins or cookies, puree them into energy balls, or bake them into a fruit crisp. 

Organic fermented soy

Is a great source of phytoestrogens


And fruit like citrus, cherries, cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, and goji berries are rich in bioflavinoids, which can help balance hormones by working with the estrogen receptor sites.  Goji berries are also "the happy fruit" and may help with depression, poor sleep, and immunity.

cherries for menopause diet


Is rich in iodine

Foods rich in Vitamin E

Like dark leafy greens, nuts, and also tropical fruit like kiwi and papaya plus red bell pepper may help w/hot flashes. 

Cooling foods

In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine certain foods are known to be cooling to the body such as cucumber, apple, mango, and melon.


Are very high in Vitamin D and iron, both important nutrients for women in menopause.
- avoid - high glycemic, sugar, overly spicy, processed foods, alcohol, smoking, coffee (green tea instead) and constipation
- plenty of water

Stock Your Kitchen With

Special Superfoods

The best hormonal superfoods are often adaptogenic or contain certain phytoestrogens...

Finding the ones that are best for your body and your hormones isn't cookie cutter - it needs to be customized!

Become an insider with the guide below, then watch your email for an invite to my next free online masterclass to learn more. 



The Menopause Blueprint Masterclass

menopause blueprint masterclass


(Yes I'm putting dessert first) 

Prune & Ground Flax Seed Energy Balls


2 cups prunes
1.5 cup unsalted soaked raw almonds
2 Tablespoons ground flax seed
2 Tablespoons coconut flakes (or use 2 more T ground flax)
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 Tablespoon coconut oil  

1 tsp Vanilla extract

2 Tablespoons of cooling, moistening superherbs - choose one of these

  • Beauty Dust by Moon Juice 
  • Anima Mundi Plant Based Collagen
  • He Shou Wu powder or Yin Power

And 2 Tablespoons of adaptogenic mushrooms for stress and immunity

  • Reishi (even better for stress)
  • or Chaga (not bitter!)


  1. Add almonds to food processor until like bread crumbs (not almond butter)
  2. Add everything else and pulse until its thick and fudge like.
    If it's crumbly add water one spoonful at a time.
  3. Transfer to a bowl (if too soft put in fridge for 30 - 60 min) then roll into balls
  4. Optional - roll in cocout flakes or cocoa powder
  5. Store in the fridge

Super Salad


Make your favorite salad with organic mixed greens and veggies, then toss in:

  1. Goji berries
  2. Walnuts
  3. Roasted chickpeas

Dress with olive oil or flax seed oil and lemon juice or vinegar of your choice (or BONUS use the juice from some fermented veggies) and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. 

To make roasted chickpeas

  1. Preheat oven to 450
  2. Rinse chickpeas and pat them dry in a towel (canned are fine)
  3. Toss chickpeas with olive or avocado or melted coconut oil (about 1 Tablespoon oil per cup of chickpeas
  4. Lay the chickpeas in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake 25 minutes stirring or shaking once or twice during baking
  5. The minute they come out of the oven toss them with your choice of 1.5 tsp of spices - try salt + pepper + paprika or curry powder or chili powder or chili powder with lime! 
  6. Use immediately or store in airtight container

See the original recipe here 

I hope you enjoyed this how-to for making your diet more helpful in controlling menopause discomforts. 

Want to know more about using phytoestrogen rich foods like soy? 


Want more recipes?  (Like my supertonic hot chocolate, healthy fudge, weight loss pancakes, and cooling peppermint patties?  Click the button below)

Hit me up in the comments below or get in touch with questions. 

 I can't wait to get to know you better and give you some tips for feeling better as your travel through menopause and into vibrant aging post menopause! 

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