Join me on a tour of the three phases of menopause.  

When I was in Iceland last year we drove something called the Golden Circle. It’s a loop of road that passes three AMAZING sightseeing natural wonders.

I’m about to take you on a tour of the three phases of menopause.

I'll show you

  1. The best case scenarios and hormonal gifts at each phase
  2. And the worst case scenarios for each phase and at the end how to switch between those two.

What you need to know before we begin our tour of the phases of menopause:

What are menopause symptoms if they're not what most people think? 

  • The body was designed to go through menopause little or no symptoms... 
  • So if its not what our body was designed for - Why do we get menopause symptoms? 

Well, - imagine your hormones walking down a path throughout your whole life.

Usually they’re in a nice flat open pathway.  But at menopause and puberty are the part where they have to climb a mountain with lots of switchbacks.  It's a rougher road - and the hormones might need extra help.   

So when you get any severe symptoms during menopause they’re just messages from those hormones saying I need help navigating this stretch of the path!!  I'm falling off the edge!  My hiking shoes are worn out!  I need more snacks! My friend  fell down the mountain help me bring her back up!

And the best part is... If you listen to the message in the menopause symptom and give your hormones what they're asking for, the symptom can go away - quickly. 

menopause basics testimonial image J

Before working with Dana I was on a strict diet and exercising 5 days a week - and STILL gaining weight.  Now, after taking her program I'm eating more exercising less, I'm down 5 pounds and continuing to lose weight.

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