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How To Master The Top Five Healthy Habits For Women Over 50

How To Master The Top Five Healthy Habits For Women Over 50Knowing how to balance your hormones is one thing.  Doing it is another.I want to take a step back and ask you a question…  Where are you putting all the stuff I’ve been teaching you?I can show you how to reduce hot flashes, but […]

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How To Overcome Stubborn Belly Fat In Menopause

belly fat in menopause

HOW TO OVERCOME STUBBORN BELLY FAT IN MENOPAUSEDieting won’t touch this kind of weight gain fat if all the messages going out from your hormones to your brain to your body are saying:”Shut down your metabolism and store calories as fat.”Find out why this happens at menopause, and what you can do to change those […]

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Menopause Insomnia Why Sleeping Can Suck During Menopause and What To Do About It

menopause insomnia

MENOPAUSE INSOMNIAWhy Sleep Can Suck During Menopause and what to do about itI’m so hot I can’t sleep! Sound familiar?  But why is there a link between menopause and insomnia?   Does menopause cause insomnia? WHY do the hormonal changes of menopause (& potentially low hormone levels post menopause) keep us from sleeping?   Well there are two main […]

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How To Get More Sleep During Menopause For Thicker Hair

get more sleep during menopause

How To Get More Sleep During Menopause For Thicker HairExperts agree – you want SEVEN hours of sleep a night to help prevent or reverse hair loss.But during menopause most women have trouble sleeping So In today’s video I’ll show you the two key things to focus on for better sleep – even during menopause. […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Menopause

The ultimate guide to menopause

The Ultimate Guide To MenopauseWhat it is, how to prepare, how to control it naturally, and how to feel great after menopause…. It’s all in this Ultimate Guide To Menopause.   By Dana LaVoie, LAc  (Click to learn more about me) This article is alive.  It’s updated regularly based on feedback from my clients about what […]

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How To Do Bone Health In Menopause Right

osteoporosis in menopause

How To Do Bone Health in Menopause RightBone health during & after menopause is one of the most misunderstood women’s health issues…​In this very special blog video I’m thrilled to have Alison Boden, Registered Dietician and Functional Nutritionist, a food & nutrition expert educated and trained in using food to prevent, reverse, and manage disease […]

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