Helping you avoid the misery of menopause without drugs.

Hot flashes in the grocery store?  Feeling dried up after menopause?  No, you don't have to just suck it up.

I'm Dana Lavoie, LAc, and I'll show you how to use:

  • Customized Chinese HERBS
  • Supported by the best DIET & LIFESTYLE for your hormones

To feel great during & after menopause using safe, natural remedies

The same way I've helped hundreds of women over the last 15 years. 

2 Ways for You to Get Started

You can get relief from menopause discomforts & signs of aging naturally. Here's how to get started:


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Learn why customized Chinese herbs are the biggest game changers I know for an easy menopause and healthy aging post menopause. menopause

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Hi, I'm Dana LaVoie, an Acupuncturist & Herbalist with over 15 years' experience specializing in women's health.  

And I love to show women how to get the relief Chinese medicine has to offer during & after menopause

Click Here to learn more about me.

​​​Discover ​the Natural Remedies For Menopause Blog

Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for hormone balancing naturally.

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No idea where to start?  No problem.

I've created a free mini-course you can access online.  It'll walk you through:

  • How Chinese herbs work during & after menopause 
  • How to tell if they're right for you 
  • And how to find the right herbs  

Because herbs are the #1 way I've helped hundreds of women get menopause & post menopause relief.  

I've tried many different remedies to help with mood swings during PMS. I was hesitant to spend more money and possibly be disappointed yet again, but after 3 months of taking what she recommended, my mood swings associated with PMS changed drastically.

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PMS sufferer

I LOVED your eating plan, and I have implemented it to a large extent, and my night sweats and insomnia are gone.

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A serious athlete

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