Enjoy menopause then look and feel younger after menopause without drugs or hormones

Hi, I'm Dana

I teach midlife women how to find the right combination of herbs - with a few diet & lifestyle tweaks - so they can finally understand and take control of their body, mood, and hormones naturally!

Tired of your choices for managing menopause?

If hot flashes, insomnia, unexplained weight gain, mood changes, brain fog, or dryness are just too much... 

If you're NOT excited about hormones, anti-depressants, sleeping pills or natural remedies that don't work...  You've found your answers. 

I’m here to help you sleep deeply, restart your metabolism, regulate your temperature, and dance through post menopause smiling and turning heads in your favorite jeans.

Because when you give your hormones what they need, life blossoms into a second spring at menopause, midlife is fun, and the world needs us - the wise & mature women - at our best.

My Latest Videos & Articles

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What my students & clients are saying

"I really can't believe that just something in a bottle, like a supplement you would buy at the store, helps with attitude energy, skin and the sweating!  It helps with all of that, and there don't seem to be any negative side effects." 

VONDA Herbal Client 

"The nights sweats, insomnia, and hot flashes are nothing like they were, and my kids said to me - Mom whats wrong with you you’re so mellow!

DARCY Herbal Client 

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