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What to do when menopause stress gets out of control

First - let's be clear YES.  The hormonal changes of menopause can cause changes in your stress levels that can look like:  

  • You can become more sensitive to stress (the slightest things stress you out.)  
  • You can become more irritable (Like a client who said - I'm yelling at my kids every day - that's not me - what's going on?) 
  • Your baseline stress level can increase for no obvious reason - even to the point of anxiety
  • You can have unexplained mood changes, weeping, or inability to focus

The good news is, when you support and balance your changing menopausal hormones, it can relieve this stress better than deep breathing, meditation, or almost anything else. 

Like my client who said to me,

"Whatever was in those herbal pills you gave me, my family thanks you.  I'm no longer yelling at my kids every day."

Here's how to feel better:

The two levels on which we deal with stress

Ideally we go through life being able to handle a fair amount of stress without harmful effects.  Your RESILIENCE TO STRESS is incredibly important for your health and happiness. 

During menopause we can easily lose this resilience becoming more and more sensitive to stress, and correcting this is a TWO-STEP process. 

One step is to do some active stress management activity like any kind of meditation or deep breathing

This includes anything that actively helps calm the stress response.  You definitely want to do this, But it’s what I consider a surface treatment… 

The second step is physical/hormonal/systemic.  What I mean by that is

1. If your energy reserves are depleted or your’e burned out - it’s VERY hard to handle stress well

2. If your watery Yin energy is low (and it’s pretty much the same as your female hormones - so it tends to decline in menopause) you’re less grounded and less calm, and you’re more sensitive to stress

3. If your nervous system gets on a hair trigger it takes very little go into fight or flight and its difficult to ever get back to a relaxed state

Even with LOTS of meditation - if those three things are out of balance - it’s a huge struggle to manage stress levels

The best way I know of to address all three elements in that second step is with herbal remedies.  

So my recommendation is to:

1. Use herbs to replenish energy reserves, support watery energy and female hormone levels, and help regulate the nervous system. 

2. Then practice meditation, deep breathing, or any active stress management while using the herbs and you'll really see results from your time on the cushion or yoga mat. 

 Or check out my Work With Me page for even more info. 

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