Is Your Hot Flash Treatment Making Weight Gain More Likely?

A new way of understanding hot flashes

So you can get relief from the heat and make it LESS likely you'll run into weight gain from a lowered metabolism, bone loss, or low libido down the road.

Why some hot flash treatments can make weight gain more likely

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What do hot flashes feel like?  Too much heat.  What would you think do to to get relief?  Get rid of some heat. 

This is where all the cooling treatments for hot flashes come from.  They drain heat out of your body.  And yes.  This can give you some quick relief. 

These cooling treatments include everything from cooling herbs to peppermint essential oil to fans cooling clothing and sticking your head in the freezer.  

But all these cooling treatments are the ones that can make it more likely you'll experience weight gain, low libido, and bone loss down the road.  Let's talk about why - and what you can do instead. 

How hot flash treatments work on the inside

You have fiery energy in your body.  You can think of it as hormones like testosterone.  It's what fuels your metabolism and your libido and keeps your bones strong.  It even fuels your immune system, creativity, and helps your body build muscle when you exercise. 

You want lots of nice strong fire energy if you want to be vibrant and healthy with strong bones and muscles, a strong metabolism (so it's easy to lose weight,) and a strong healthy libido.  And of course healthy thyroid hormone levels are fed by your fire energy as well. 

And every time you use a cooling treatment for hot flashes, you're draining away this fire.  So if you're really hot and you do lots of cooling treatments.... A year from now your fire will likely be depleted and you're more likely to experience symptoms of not having enough fire energy.  That's where the lowered metabolism and easy weight gain, low libido, and bone loss come from. 

What to do instead:

Hot flash treatments that will leave you stronger five years from now

Here's a whole new way to understand hot flash treatments, so that you can get relief NOW and set yourself up for better health (easier weight loss, stronger metabolism, and stronger libido) in the years to come. 

Focus on treatments that build up your watery energy - which you can also think of as your estrogen and progesterone.  This will keep your nice, normal fire under good control (so the hot flashes will subside) but keep your fire energy strong for the future.  

Practical Application of This Hot Flash Treatment

How do you build up your watery energy/female hormone levels? 

HRT is one option.  My issue with HRT is that it's often not a complete solution.  To find out exactly what I mean by this and how to make it part of a complete solution - watch my free Masterclass and pay special attention to strategy 1.  If the Masterclass is no longer available - send me a message:-) 

My favorite way to do this is with customized herbal remedies.  After 20 years of helping real women through menopause, I find it's the best place to start, it's safe and natural, and it's all you need a good 80% of the time!

However - that's only if you use herbs in a certain, customized way (most women who use herbs for hot flashes and night sweats only get about a 20% improvement - either it doesn't work that well or it doesn't last.) 

To find out exactly how I recommend using herbs and why it works so well - watch the free Masterclass then contact me with any questions you have about how this would apply to YOU. 

Challenges and Side Effects and What To Do

There are a few small challenges that commonly crop up using this method.  Let me show you how to get past them quickly.

1. You need FAST relief, because the heat is really intense.

If this is the case I recommend a two-pronged approach.  Use cooling herbs and cooling therapies as needed short term in addition to whatever you're doing to build up your watery energy and female hormone levels, because it does take a little time for the results to kick in.  As your heat symptoms improve, wean off the cooling therapies.

2. Building up your watery energy / female hormone levels is causing side effects.  

If when you put all this new energy into your body you get side effects, which can be anything from bloating, breast tenderness, or mood swings to fatigue or brain fog....  Here's what's likely happening.  You have an energy blockage somewhere - and now all the new energy is getting backed up behind it.  I call it an energy traffic jam.  It's what usually causes side effects from HRT.  

All that's needed is to combine what you're taking with something that will relieve the traffic jam -  that help move your energy and help make sure your liver is processing and detoxifying hormones efficiently.  Of course, I love to use herbal remedies for this (they work like a charm here!) 

So if this is happening to you, or you want to prevent it from happening as you progress through perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause... 

I can help you with some great FREE RESOURCES.



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