Better Sex After 50 - Answers From An Expert

And her best tips for Great Sex after 50 are...

My guest, Clinical Sexologist, Certified Sex Coach, and Intimacy Expert Jane Steckbeck, joins me in this new blog video and WOW does she share some great tips including her best advice for vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and low libido.

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Did you know... You should never use olive oil as a vaginal moisturizer or lube? Find out why plus LOTS more tips on Great Sex After 50 with my guest Jane Steckbeck, Certified Sex Coach - it's on the blog now.

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Q & A withCertified Sex Coach on Great Sex After 50: 1-What can I do about painful intercourse? 2-What can I do about vaginal dryness? 3-What can I do about low libido? And MORE. It's on the blog now.

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Video Highlights 

Make sure you didn't miss anything big...

1:35 - what does a clinical sexologist and certified sex coach do

2:40 how do you work with your clients?

4:05 what issues do you see the most in your menopausal clients 

 5:30 - what are some ideas besides hormones for vaginal dryness 

7:23 - other lubes & moisturizers she likes and techniques for using them 

8:30 what is the difference between moisturizers and lubricants and what are your recommended ways to use each one? 

9:30 what do i do about a newly occurring low libido?

12:50 I want to know about muscle tone in the area and the best way to strengthen it. 

14:00  Why you have to work harder to maintain muscle tone as estrogen declines end of menopause why to start right at beginning of menopause (but you can get it back later as well - here's how)

15:00 show and tell - low tech, high tech, and “the intensity” tools for vaginal health 

18 - what about pain that’s caused by hypertonic muscles

20:00 - dilator kits - what they are and how to use them (and how not to use them)

21:45 - cultural shame - meta emotions and how to overcome them

22: what about jade eggs? 

23:30 - is it ok to use nut oils as a lube? And Cautions about certain food grade oils.  

27 - show and tell:  Jane's 3 favorite - lubes and ingredients to AVOID 

29 more tips on using coconut oil

29 = can diet and herbs give you back your libido? Why Jane thinks DIET IS FOUNDATIONAL TO HAVING A GOOD LIBIDO 

30 - why menopause really does not have to be end of your sex life

31: I have lost all sensitivity in my nipples and clitoris - what can I do ? 

34: Prescription estrogen creams vs Amata and Julva - 

38:  I’m 8 yrs into perimenopause -and I’m having a terrible time with my sex life - and more problems w/herpes - any solutions?

39: painful intercourse - I already tried hormone cream and vaginal inserts for 4 months with no improvement - any suggestions? 

42:30 Janes top three tip tips for women over 50

As Jane says.. The right diet is FOUNDATIONAL for keeping up your libido during and after menopause. 

In fact, the right diet is the most important thing you can do for all your hormonal symptoms and your hormonal health. 

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