The Best Way To Restart Your Libido After 50: Great Sex After 50 Part 5

This is the fifth (and last) in a series of articles I’m doing on great sex after 50.  

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Great Sex After 50 Part 5: Where did your libido go and how to get it back, a Tonic Herbalists perspective & tips.

In today’s video & blog we’re talking about libido.  Where it may have gone - and how to GET IT BACK.

Video Highlights 

Make sure you didn't miss anything big...

2:51 the most common energy leaks
4:24 how to refill the energy bucket
5:16 recipes that boost your libido
7:15 herbs that specifically restore energy reserves
7:35 understanding the Yin and Yang to help you move your energy

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As an Acupuncturist & Herbalist specializing in women’s health, I talk I talk to women all the time who are suffering from low libido during perimenopause, menopause, and after menopause

And the minute I hear that I turn full on into my Tonic Herbalist self - because this is something that is a beloved topic of the tonic herbalists.

So let me introduce you to the Chinese Medicine and..

The Tonic Herbalist’s View of Your Libido:

Big picture - your sexual energy is really important in Chinese Medicine - but well - it’s not as important as breathing or digesting your food

So if you’ve been:

  • Burning the candle at both end
  • Feeling depleted, run down, uninspired or suddenly OLD…

Your energy reserves are LOW.  There’s hardly enough energy for necessary daily tasks (like breathing) and one of the first things NOT to get done is send energy to your libido.

Step 1 In Restoring Your Libido

Protect Your Energy Reserves By Sealing Energy Leaks

  • Seal energy leaks like stress, inflammation, chronic infection, and an unhealthy lifestyle (details are in the video)

Your libido after 50 - where it's gone and how to get it back. A Tonic Herbalist's Plan (now on the blog)

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Step 2 In Restoring Your Libido

Replenish Your Energy Reserves With The Basics - Food & Air

  • Diet - eating the right nourishing foods daily and keep your digestive system healthy
  • Practice deep breathing every day

These are the two main sources of energy in Chinese Medicine - food and air.

Replenish Your Energy Reserves Faster With Superfoods & Libido-Enhancing Recipes

  • Recipes that boost libido contain pungent spicy foods like garlic, onions, chives.
  • Arginine rich foods like eggs and meat plus nuts and seeds.
  • Shellfish like oysters, clams, mussels shrimp and scallops are rich in zinc
  • And my favorite superfood for female hormones  - fresh ground flax seeds.
  • Oats can help free bound up testosterone raising your active testosterone levels, which is great for libido.
  • Daikon radish -stimulating a waning libido in men and women.

These are all things everyone can do at home!!  The right foods - the right superfoods - and the right lifestyle.

But if you still need more help consider herbs - here how they work.

Step #3 In Restoring Your Libido - Herbs

  • There are herbs specifically to restore your energy reserves.  These are what are called - JING - or essence or kidney tonics in Chinese Herbalism.  
  • And if herbs were an easy, one size fits all thing I would absolutely tell you right here and now which ones to use.  

But it doesn’t work that way.

The First Reason You Want Customized Herbs:

You can get herbs that strengthen your Yin - cool, watery essence - or your Yang - your warm fiery essence.

You really want to have equal amounts of both Yin and Yang.  So some women might have plenty of yang but not enough yin - they want to take 80% Yin essence tonics and just 20% Yang tonics!

And other women might have lots of Yin but not enough Yang - and they want to take 80% Yang essence tonics and 20% Yin essence tonics.

And women who have even amounts of Yin and Yang but need more of bothy can take a 50/50 blend.  

The Second Reason You Want Customized Herbs:

As you start quickly adding more energy into your system, it’s important that your energy is circulating freely - really moving well!  

Because if your energy is stuck somewhere - when you add a lot more energy - you can get a big energy traffic jam at the place where its stuck.

i always say you want to build your energy - move your energy - build move build move - in steps - until you reach a certain critical level where your energy is so strong that it’s going to move on its own and overcome blockages!

A good herbalist will make sure to mix in herbs to help move your energy as it gets stronger if this is an issue for you.

Bottom line - Herbs are seriously powerful medicine - and you’ll get the best results by far using them when they’re customized for you.

Step 1 in restoring your libido is sealing energy leaks. Find out how now - on the blog!

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Action Steps

  • Seal energy leaks
  • Refill your energy bucket with deep breathing, the right foods, & superfoods
  • Add tonic herbs if necessary

Video Transcript

Sometimes you'd rather read than watch - I get it!

The Best Way To Restore Your Libido After 50 - Transcript

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