Great Sex After 50: Part 1

What is vaginal dryness in menopause and where does it come from?

How to overcome vaginal dryness in menopause naturally and have a great sex life in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

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Great Sex After 50 Part 1: What is vaginal dryness, and how to treat it's non-estrogenic causes.

Great Sex After 50 Part 2: How to boost estrogen naturally with diet, lifestyle, and supplements before, during, and after (yes after) menopause -  to save your sex life from menopause dryness

Great Sex After 50 Part 3: How to treat vaginal dryness topically: Lubes, moisturizers, & topical hormones

Great Sex After 50 Part 4: Guest expert Clinical Sexologist & Intimacy Coach Jane Steckbeck joins me and shares her best tips, strategies, & tools on vaginal dryness, incontinence, pain with intercourse, and much more. 

Great Sex After 50 Part 5: Where did your libido go and how to get it back, a Tonic Herbalists perspective & tips.

Fact #1: 50-70% of Women Experience Vaginal Dryness During or After Menopause (what the heck is it?)

  • What is vaginal dryness: Your body stops making the thin, clear fluid that keeps this area moist and plump
  • What it feels like: It can feel like soreness, itching or burning, painful intercourse, light bleeding after intercourse, or mild discharge, and it can lead to more frequent UTI’s

Vaginal Dryness - What it is and where it comes from - Now on the blog!

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Who Gets Vaginal Dryness?
  • Women of any age can have vaginal dryness but it’s most common for women to experience vaginal dryness in menopause or after menopause.  About one in two or two in three women experience vaginal dryness in menopause. (BUT THAT MEANS 1 out of 2 or 2 out of 3 women DON’T experience it!)

Fact #2: The Causes Of Vaginal Dryness

  • The FIRST cause of vaginal dryness in menopause is declining estrogen levels, and in videos 2 and 3 in this series on great sex after 50, we’re going to talk about how to boost healthy estrogen levels internally and externally.
  • But in this article I’m talking about the SECOND cause of vaginal dryness in menopause - the things not related to estrogen that can go wrong and prevent your moisturizing fluid from forming.
  • Please watch the video for (much) more information on how to understand this area - the delicate pH, the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria, and the ribbons of nerves that connect it with your brain and digestive system to better understand how vaginal dryness happens
Physical, Non-Estrogenic Causes of Vaginal Dryness
  • Dehydration from not drinking enough water OR from the use of anything you apply that robs the local area of moisture or adds xenoestrogens to the local area
  • Certain Medications
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Certain health conditions
    • For example: STDs, Sjogren’s syndrome, thyroid imbalance, surgeries such as a hysterectomy or removal of the ovaries
  • High insulin levels from high blood sugar
  • Adrenal exhaustion or general burnout
  • Or dips in progesterone or chronically low progesterone levels as well as estrogen
Emotional, Non-Estrogenic Causes of Vaginal Dryness in Menopause
  • Negative emotions in general or negative feelings about intimacy/relationships/sexuality can absolutely contribute to dryness
  • Chronic stress
  • Insufficient foreplay

Sign #3: VIP - WHAT?

  • There’s something called VIP - its a chemical that’s produced by your body.  And when it’s in your bloodstream your natural lubrication can be doubled!
How Can You Get More VIP And Possibly Double Your Natural Lubrication
  • To make VIP your brain, gut, and pancreas have to work together.  So you need to be
    • Moderately stress free
    • Have a healthy digestive system
    • And have relatively healthy blood sugar
  • For VIP to be released naturally (Which is why you’ll find this whole series of articles on great sex after 50 is the Holistic approach to reversing vaginal dryness!) I say let the reward of a great sex life MOTIVATE you to get some of these healthy eating & healthy lifestyle habits going in your life - I’ll show you exactly how to get started
    • Download my Menopausal Woman’s Roadmap to get started with the right diet
    • Check out these two quick & easy stress management practices, choose the one you like best, and start practicing it for at least two minutes per day.

Action Steps: What To Do To Combat Vaginal Dryness and Increase Your Natural Lubrication

Action steps you can take at home:
  • STAY WELL HYDRATED by drinking enough water every single day
  • If you’re on medications that can cause dryness -
    • Figure out if you can ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR YOUR MEDS.. if they’re for allergies or chronic pain it’s possible you might be able to eliminate the allergies - or you might be able to eliminate the pain with acupuncture or physical therapy… look into creative solutions
    • If that’s not possible and you need to continue taking the meds.. which i totally understand is often the case - my best tip is to talk to a good Chinese Herbalist about Yin Tonic Herbs that can safely counteract the drying side effects of your meds.
  • If you’re smoking or drinking too much - let your vaginal dryness in menopause serve as a great motivator to push you to get the help you need to cut down. This is a great time in your life to MAKE HEALTHY CHANGES  
  • If you have a thyroid condition, autoimmune condition, or STD.. Seek treatment and get it as balanced and healthy as possible.
  • PRACTICE REGULAR STRESS MANAGEMENT - try these two quick and easy methods, pick one, and practice it at least two minutes per day
  • Get everyone involved in your sex life on board with plenty of FOREPLAY  (Go ahead and tell them your doctor said so.)
  • EAT A DIET RICH FOODS that helps your body make both progesterone and estrogen - as well as foods that help your body detox aggressive estrogens that can lead to estrogen dominance (which can actually reduce lubrication!)  This is my favorite - #1 - place to start!!  
    • In addition keep your diet low in refined sugar to balance blood sugar & insulin levels - remember the pancreas is another key to natural lubrication!  

Instead of going into the details of this diet right here - I HAVE A FREE DOWNLOAD that will help you get started with this exact diet in the easiest way possible

Free masterclass

Three Steps to Easing Menopause Symptoms with Natural Remedies

menopause blueprint masterclass

Get back to enjoying life THIS year!

  • Regular healthy food and stress management will also help you recharge your batteries if you’ve become depleted and burned out.
  • And last but not least… STOP using the WRONG PRODUCTS  - the ones that are directly disrupting the pH and ecosystem of your vaginal tissue and really totally disrupting your natural lubrication, plumpness, and elasticity.  
    • I’ll be going into everything you need to know about tropical products in detail in video 3 in this series, because certain ingredients very commonly found in products that you use directly on your most delicate vaginal tissue are extremely disruptive to the pH and healthy bacteria that naturally exist there - and this can absolutely dry you out.

Customized Chinese herbs are the most powerful tool I use with my clients to support juiciness from the inside out.  Learn to find your perfect combination of herbs by clicking the button below... 

Links Mentioned in the Video

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vaginal dryness in menopause
vaginal dryness after menopause

Video Highlights 

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00:59  What is Vaginal dryness?

02:54 What you need to understand about vaginal PH level

03:14 What is the right product to use for the most delicate area of the body

03:17 “Ribbon of nerves” and how it is connected to avoid vaginal dryness

4:00 What are the Non estrogenic causes of vaginal dryness

4:34 Certain medications that contribute to vaginal dryness in menopause

05:01 other causes of vaginal dryness in menopause

06:11 List of things you can do to stop vaginal dryness menopause

Great sex after 50 part 1: The first step in overcoming vaginal dryness. (now on the blog)

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How to Overcome Vaginal Dryness In Menopause - the transcript

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