The Best 2-Minute Meditation During and After Menopause - Dana LaVoie, LAc

The Best 2-Minute Meditation During and After Menopause

Join meditation + exercise expert Elise Moore and me...

In this exclusive interview you'll learn how how Elise's techniques work, how you can use them at home, and she'll give you a guided meditation for menopause you can use over and over again at home.

Here's what you'll find in the video below:

0:36:  What is the biggest challenge women in menopause have that your work can help with? And how does it help?

1:10 What are the benefits of your work in the body? 

2:14 Learn about Elise who she is - what she does

2:50 What are the tools your teaching people that they can use at home to get the benefits of working with you?

5:20 Why daily stress management is important and how it helps your menopausal hormones

6:10 A free audio download Elise has available and how to use it on areas of chronic pain

7:30 How sound and breathing are the bridge between fight/flight to rest/digest

9:25 How to find Elise's website and what you'll find on there.

10:12 Elise walks you through an exclusive, short meditation  - with full explanation (this is my favorite part to meditate along with.)

15:34 The short version - Elise guides you through an exclusive, short (but effective) version of the meditation without as much explanation. 

17:11 Elise is a fellow dog lover, and I might have posted my dog loving this meditation as well

17:30 A sneak peek of Elise's moorefit energy systems at work - combining the toning she just taught us with the movement system she's created:) 

Watch the video below to find out why stress management is so important and learn Elise's 2-minute meditation:

I hope you enjoyed the video.. and I hope - EVEN MORE - that you'll practice this fantastic, short, extremely effective meditation at home - and that you'll come on back and let us know in the comments below how you like it.  

This meditation technique incorporates breath, which has been shown to be an effective meditation technique for hot flashes!

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Hi, I'm Dana, an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, & women's health expert.

My passion is helping women use effective natural remedies for menopause relief and gorgeous aging.  

My secret?  Using a smart combination of natural remedies (because no ONE remedy alone will get you all the results you crave.)  

Here's what it takes: Diet, Lifestyle, Herbs, & Implementation (that's actually making changes.) 

Today's tip for daily stress management is part of Lifestyle.  Practicing daily active relaxation (another name for stress management) is just so incredibly helpful for hormonal balancing and relief from menopausal symptoms.


The thing is... It's not.  

I'm here to show you how quickly and easily you can incorporate a couple of minutes a day of mindfulness meditation for menopause into your day. 

When you're ready for more - Click Here to check out this other video I did teaching another one of my favorite 2-minute meditations for hot flashes - it's an acupressure ear massage with essential oils that you can do on yourself anytime, anywhere!! 

And when you're ready to start creating your magical COMBINATION of natural remedies - get the FREE guide below.  It'll get you started with my TOP 3 natural remedies for menopause you can do at home - why not start today?  

Get My Smoothie! (It's Free)

Kick menopause's butt - naturally. 

Download my hormone-balancing, hidden-vegetable smoothie recipe - and that's just the beginning.  

I'll email my top tips on the how to build the best diet during & after menopause.  

I hope you enjoyed Elise's guided meditation for menopause.

Learn more about Elise Moore at her website

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Dana LaVoie, LAc

Hi, I'm Dana, a Senior Tonic Herbalist devoted to helping women find the secrets to balancing their hormones naturally and spiraling their health upward to new levels.

  • Shirley says:

    I loved the toning meditation. I felt a real difference! Can this be done in the bath? Often this is the only time I feel not distracted.

  • Jenny Strimling says:

    Hi Dana, I’ve just watched the meditation video. Awesome, including the meditation into my daily routine will be of enormous benefit. Thank you !!!!!

  • Jami Starr says:

    Thank you for sharing this
    Amazing guided meditation and toning with us. I am definitely sharing
    This on Facebook.

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