How To Get More Sleep During Menopause For Thicker Hair 

 May 14, 2019

By  Dana LaVoie, LAc

How To Get More Sleep During Menopause For Thicker Hair

Experts agree - you want SEVEN hours of sleep a night to help prevent or reverse hair loss.

But during menopause most women have trouble sleeping

So In today's video I'll show you the two key things to focus on for better sleep - even during menopause.

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Two Ways Chinese Medicine Can Help You Sleep Better During Menopause

And today we're talking about how to get the SEVEN or more hours of sleep you need every night to prevent or reverse thinning hair during & after menopause.

The good news is... Chinese medicine has a long history of helping women sleep better...

And there are two parts to the Chinese Medicine approach.

Part 1 - Good Sleep Habits


Have a regular bedtime - so go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.  And avoid looking at blue light for an hour before bedtime by using blue light blocking glasses or avoiding computer screens. 


Make your bedroom more sleep friendly by keeping the temperature cool.  Also make sure it's REALLY dark when you're sleeping, as this allows your body to make more melatonin - a sleep hormone


Use natural sleep aids if necessary.  Check with your healthcare practitioner about using melatonin, magnesium, CBD, or Chinese Herbs.  (I recommend avoiding sleeping pills or antihistamines for regular use.)


Give essential oils a try.  Some women find using essential oils at bedtime extremely helpful!  Lavender, sandalwood, cedar, and chamomile are some of my favorites.

Part 2 - Correct The Underlying Hormonal Imbalance

If your difficulty sleeping started - or got WORSE - during menopause... It might be due to hormonal changes and imbalance.  

If you can correct that underlying hormonal imbalance... Your sleep can improve to the point where you no longer need to worry nearly as much about good sleep habits, because when you lie down, you sleep.  (And I can tell you from personal experience, there's nothing better then regaining trust in your ability to sleep!) 

There's not always a quick fix for this, but I help women with this all the time.  It's possible. 

Here's my recipe for healthy, happy hormones that help you get solid sleep each night.  


Get on the right diet for your hormones + Manage stress + Reduce your toxic load (by avoiding hormone-disrupting chemicals) + include key supplements.  This sets the stage - in your body -. for hormonal balance


Once you've set the stage, use customized Chinese Herbs to target sleep-specific hormonal issues.  Because whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, sleeping deeply, are woken up by heat & sweating, or stress & a busy mind are keeping you awake...  Chinese herbal medicine has formulas targeted at helping your body rebalance each of these specific patterns. 

I'm so passionate about helping you to quickly and easily start doing everything I mentioned above to rebalance your hormones.... That I've created resources to help you with each step!

Part 2 - Add Customized Chinese Herbs

(I'm putting part 2 first, because it's the fastest way for you to get relief!) 

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Part 1 - Set The Stage For Hormonal Balance

Use this combination of strategies to set the stage for relief of your other menopausal or hormonal symptoms as well (not just sleep - we're talking hot flashes, brain fog, weight gain, etc.) 

The best diet for menopause

Learn the menopause diet

With my smoothie recipe and email lessons

Quick & easy stress management

Controlling stress hormones is KEY to balancing female hormones.  Get started with effective stress management in just 2 minutes per day! 

Reduce your toxic load

the top cosmetic ingredients to avoid during menopause

Learning to avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals in your skin care, makeup, and cleaning products is one of the easiest ways to give your body a HUGE amount of help balancing hormones naturally. 

Include key supplements

supplements for menopause

Learning to avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals in your skin care, makeup, and cleaning products is one of the easiest ways to give your body a HUGE amount of help balancing hormones naturally. 

So To Review

​To get more sleep during menopause, which is great for thinning hair - and more... 

​There are two things to focus on:

#1.  Set the stage for hormonal balance in your whole body with the right diet, lifestyle, and basic supplem​ents. 

#2. Use customized Chinese herbs - one of the most powerful, most sophisticated, and safest systems of healthcare... To help your body get targeted relief from hormonal misery of all kinds during and after menopause.

And if you want more natural remedies for menopause..

Ones based in Chinese medicine - for menopause & for preventing signs of aging...

That you can start using right now at home...

Just download my hormone-balancing smoothie recipe, and I'll follow it up with my  tips on building the best diet for menopause. 

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Thanks so much for joining me here today!

 I'd love to know what was the one thing that jumped out at you - that you're going to start using right away?  

Please type that into the comments below along with any questions. 

And be sure to check out the other videos in this series. 

Peace & Wellness

 - Dana

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And please remember...  Nothing in this video is meant to diagnose or treat any disease and to always check with your healthcare provider before starting any new natural remedies.  

Dana LaVoie, LAc

Hi, I'm Dana, an Acupuncturist & Herbalist with over 15 years' experience specializing in women's health. I'm here to show you how to use customized Chinese Herbs supported by the best diet and lifestyle for your hormones to feel amazing during & after menopause.

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