How To Get Rid Of Annoying Hot Flashes Post Menopause

Not every woman has this problem - but for those who do - WHOA!

I'm talking about those PESKY hot flashes that happen AFTER menopause!

The ones that stick around for years - decades even!

Well in this blog post I'm going to show you why they happen and how to get rid of them. 

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Where To These Hot Flashes Come From?

The two common causes of these lingering hot flashes are both of course underlying imbalances in hormone levels - which in Chinese medicine are related to your yin, yang, and liver (which are similar to western medicine's female and male hormones and stress levels.) 

So we're not just giving you a fan or a cooling spray - we're getting to the underlying cause.

And why do we usually get such good results?  Because during menopause your hormone levels are changing pretty quickly - they're in a state of active change.   Trying to balance them is like trying to hit a moving target - and as soon as you get them balanced they change again!

After menopause your hormone levels stop changing - they stabilize again, so its must easier to adjust them, get them back in balance, and keep them stable.

So what are the two common underlying imbalances that cause lingering post menopausal hot flashes? 

If when your hormones stop changing after menopause they stabilize at a high enough level and in good ratios and balance with each other you're hot flash free.

The first common thing that can happen is that one or more of those female hormone levels - your Yin in Chinese medicine, drops too low.

That can cause hot flashes that don't quit.

The second common thing that can happen is that your hormones, or in Chinese medicine your yin and yang energies, stabilize - but they stabilize or GET STUCK out of whack!   They're out of balance.  They're not in that right ratio with each other.  This can also cause hot flashes that don't quit.

I find in both of these cases - it's likely nothing will change without a little help.

But because things are so stable, you can go in with something and either build up the low energy/hormone level or give the body the help it needs to readjust the levels that are out of balance...

You get that little adjustment made, the hot flashes go away, and it's usually easy to keep them away with just a little maintenance.  Because things are pretty stable.  

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  So how do we make these adjustments? 

My starting point is Chinese herbs supported by a good, basic hormone-friendly diet and lifestyle.

As long as your diet isn't all twinkies, the Chinese herbs are the most powerful, most targeted natural remedy for supporting your body in raising or adjusting those energy levels and associated hormones. 

Herbs get the fastest, most powerful results.

For low hormone levels, if herbs aren't quite enough - adding a tiny bit of BHRT can be helpful here as well.

For hormones that are out of balance - HRT isn't going to do much!  And herbs really shine here by actually helping the endocrine system make this adjustment, which it was designed to do it just got stuck needed a helping hand.

So To Recap: 

The pesky hot flashes that last for years or even decades after menopause are caused by an underlying hormonal imbalance - usually either an energy/hormone level that is too low OR your energies/hormones stabilize post menopause just a notch out of balance with each other.

The best way to address these isn't with cooling therapies, but by supporting the body in correcting that underlying imbalance. 

And because your hormones are pretty stable after menopause - once you get it corrected, it's usually pretty easy to keep it that way. 

Action Steps

Step 1

So if you're having this problem -what can you do??

Make sure your diet is basically hormone friendly.  It doesn't have to be too fancy and can work with everything from paleo to vegan. 

To learn how to make sure you're including the main hormone friendly elements in your diet each day grab my hormone balancing smoothie recipe - because it comes with a series of emails that will show you how to build a hormone-friendly diet. 

Step 2

II know you want me to say - if you have lingering hot flashes after menopause take these two herbs. 

But it just doesn't work that way.  Here's why:

3 women with lingering hot flashes will likely need 3 different herbal combinations!  And it's that customization that makes sure the herbs are addressing the correct underlying cause for each woman.

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