How To Feel Younger And Love The Years Post Menopause 

 May 18, 2020

By  Dana LaVoie, LAc

How To Feel Younger And Love The Years Post Menopause

Can you actually feel younger post menopause?

In this video and blog article I'm going to show you the #1 way you can feel - not just normal after menopause - but actually slow down rapid aging and feel younger post menopause.

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So if you've ever wondered... Will I feel better after menopause? Will I feel normal after menopause? Will I have to deal with rapid aging after menopause? Does menopause age your face?

Chinese medicine has made an art and science of helping you look and feel - not just normal - but younger in all the years after menopause. And that's what you'll learn in this video! Enjoy:) 

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The 1 thing that keeps you young

Really it's your hormone levels  

There is this ONE THING that makes a huge - the biggest - difference in how old or young you feel post menopause. In Chinese medicine we call it your yin and yang jing - but really it's equivalent to your hormone levels.

Yes hormone levels are lower post menopause but - the difference between lower and zero is HUGE. That's what we're playing with here.

Ideally your hormone levels drop to about the same place there were at when you were 10 or 11 years old just before your first period.

YES! our body was designed to be able to keep your hormones at that level even after menopause even after your ovaries go into semi retirement. 

And in a minute I'm going to give you 3 ways you can help your body keep those hormone levels higher naturally.

But first I want to explain what happens when this goes wrong. 

For many women instead of their hormones dropping to those 10 or 11 year old levels they drop right past that - all the way to zero or almost zero - and that's when the rapid aging sets in.

Lower than ideal hormone levels can cause

  • Poor digestion.  Low hormone levels are actually linked to a decrease in the diversity of beneficial organisms - like the good probiotics - living in your gut microbiome plus lower stomach acid levels and less digestive enzymes and juices being produced
  • Lower bone density and strength that can contribute to osteoporosis
  • Less muscle mass
  • Lower metabolism (which means easy weight gain)
  • Decreased memory and brain health
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease which is heart disease
  • Sagging wrinkled skin
  • Thinning hair
  • Prolapsed organs
  • Dry eyes and dryness elsewhere

And the list goes on.

So keeping those hormone levels higher is really important in how you look and feel.

3 Ways To Keep Hormone Levels Up

Here are 3 ways you can help your body continue to make more hormones to maximize hormone levels in your body naturally post menopause - in all those years after your period is gone for good


De-Stress:  The FIRST way you can help your body make more hormones after menopause is to decrease stress. here's why this becomes so important during these years.   Here's Why:

After menopause your ovaries go into semi-retirement - they used to make most of your female hormones - now they're making much much less - so other glands in your body have to take over making these hormones for you!

Well the glands that can step in and do this are your adrenal glands. But your adrenal glands also make your stress hormones. And it's like only one hormone can come off the assembly line at a time. So if your adrenals are making stress hormone all the time - there's not enough times they can switch over the assembly line to making those female hormones - you'll only make the female hormones when you're relaxed - never when you're stressed.

So the more time you spend during every 24 hour day in a relaxed state - so NOT in fight or flight - not in low level chronic stress or anxiety or worry or overthinking or frustration - the less time you spend stressed the more time you can spend making hormones that can keep you young and healthy.

That's why making stress reduction and practice and a habit and a lifestyle is so beneficial.

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If your hormones get low your body sends out messages - make more hormones - if you're relaxed - great!  Your body can follow up on those messages and turn on the assembly line to make those hormones.  But then, to follow through with production it needs hormonal building blocks to work with.

Now I'm going to give you two ways to have more of those building blocks available.


Diet: The second way you can help your body is with the right diet for your hormones - this is where you get macronutrient building blocks.  The big pieces - the foundation the walls.

For example, hormones are made of mostly fat.  If you're not getting enough healthy fats in your diet - your body cant make hormones.  The raw material is just not there.  So - think fish oil, flax seeds, avocado, hemp seeds, olive oil, grass fed ghee - all healthy fats.

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HRT or Herbal Remedies micronutrients targeted specifically to hormones.

Now you've got the assembly line open for business (by turning off stress mode) and you've got the rough building blocks - the raw material - available

that's a good start! for some women - especially women who havent been burning the candle at both ends during their life - and who have been blessed with great genetic material - this can be enough.

But for the rest of us - for most of us - we need extra help - micronutrients targeted specifically to hormones - and this is where either HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or customized Chinese herbs come in - both can work really really well in similar ways

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And it is worth it to take this extra step - the health benefits you can get from supporting your hormone levels after menopause with herbs or HRT are totally worth it.  

Highly recommended.  You can feel so much better and help avoid so many common health issues and signs of aging!

Now I love using plant medicine and plant estrogens here - it can give the body these super specialized already partly formed hormonal building materials. 

But the body handles plant estrogens in a way so different than typical HRT, it tends to be a lot safer with less side effects - like nature provided what we need in the form of plants we just have to reach out and use them the way so many thousands and millions of women do all across Asia every single day.  I always say start with the herbs - then add in tiny bits of HRT only if needed.

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So to sum up:

The #1 way to look and feel younger post menopause is to keep your Yin and Yang Jing robust - which also means keeping your hormone levels high enough post menopause. 

But often, after menopause because our ovaries go into semi-retirement, our bodies need a little help continuing to make sufficient amounts of hormones. 

3 ways you can help your body keep those hormone levels higher are:

  1. De-stress
  2. Eat a diet rich in hormonal building block macronutrients
  3. Use Customized Chinese herbs or HRT to get hormonal building block micronutrients

Grab my free download on the best diet for your hormones, and find out which herbs to choose by saving your seat in my next free Masterclass on herbs!

Dana LaVoie, LAc

Hi, I'm Dana, an Acupuncturist & Herbalist with over 15 years' experience specializing in women's health. I'm here to show you how to use customized Chinese Herbs supported by the best diet and lifestyle for your hormones to feel amazing during & after menopause.

Dana Lavoie, LAc

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