How To Overcome The Three Big Menopause Weight Loss Hurdles

The 3 big things keeping you from losing weight in menopause are probably not calories or lack of exercise - they're hormones, brain chemistry, and metabolism. 

Because if you can get your brain to send out hormonal messages to your metabolism  that say - when you eat burn those calories - instead of messages that say when you eat store those calories as fat...  Weight loss will become exponentially easier. 

And in this blog I'm going to give you three simple tips for doing just that.

Thinking of weight loss as calories you eat minus calories you burn is just not the equation that matters during menopause. 

You can eat less and less and exercise more and more and gain even more weight. It's incredibly frustrating if you don't know why this can happen and what to do about it.

In fact eating less and exercising more if done in the wrong way can both tell the body to send out those messages that say - store calories as fat!

So if its not a calories in calories burned equation - what is the equation that matters for weight loss during menopause? It's getting your body to turn ON the messages that say, "when you eat burn those calories as energy." how do we do that? how do we change those messages?

This is where it gets a little complicated because it involves hormones, brain chemistry, and metabolism. Here are my 3 tips for starting to change those messages.

3 Tips For Easier Weight Loss In Menopause



Don't do the wrong kind of exercise

Avoid the cycle of exercising more and slowing down your metabolism.

This happens when we do the wrong kind of exercise.

We grew up thinking the more calories we burn during exercise the better for weight loss - so our go to is aerobics.

Well that's not true once you hit menopause. Because aerobic exercise is the most likely kind of exercise to slow your metabolism and lead to gaining back any weight that you lose.

Aerobic training during intentional weight loss results in lean muscle loss. That is a fast track to a slow metabolism, which means weight will return with a vengeance.So yes, it’s true, aerobic training can make you fat.

What to do instead

One study showed women (average age of 70) lost 19% body fat when they did resistance training – the greatest fat loss among any group.

The combination of resistance training, sufficient protein, and minimal aerobic training seem to most often result in long term weight loss success without deprivation or extreme dieting. 



Drink enough water - here's why

Drinking enough water boosts mictochondrial function which helps oxygenate your muscles. 

Enough water increases your body's ability to burn fat as fuel (which is TOTALLY what we want our metabolism to do - burn fat not store it.)

Drinking water doesn't exactly boost your metabolism - but not drinking enough water can slow down your metabolism.  So drinking enough water is like taking the brakes off your weight loss journey. 

And not drinking enough water can cause fatigue (which means you'll exercise less and may become depressed which can lead to eating more,) bloating which feels like more weight gain, and constipation, which can lead to problems detoxifying estrogen casing your body to store more fat. 

How much is enough? 

Try half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  So if you weight 140 poungs, aim for 70 ounces of water per day. 



sleeping during menopause

Get enough sleep.  Here's why (and how.) 

Doing your best to get 7-8 hours of sleep can help you lose weight.  A doctor explains that that the two hormones that regulate appetite, leptin and ghrelin, go into overdrive without regular sleep, which can trigger excessive hunger and lead to poor food choices and weight gain.

If you need help getting more sleep - check out this blog post

Let's sum it up

So to sum up. 

Don't do more and more aerobic exercise and eat less and less - it's not the path to weight loss during menopause. 

Instead use smart strategies like:

  1. Focusing on strength training
  2. Drinking enough water 
  3. And getting enough sleep 
  4.  BONUS - The BIGGEST (and easiest) results can come from using herbs to support the underlying hormonal imbalance that started this weight gain in the first place!
    1. To find the right herbs - learn more about working with me in my signature online program or get started with these metabolism-friendly recipes, you'll become an insider, and I'll email you an invite to my next FREE online class. 

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Get back to enjoying life THIS year!

To help get brain chemistry, hormones, and your metabolism working with you and for you to make weight loss during menopause easier.

One last note:  

So if you're not supposed to eat less, what are you supposed to eat?  For my tips on the best diet for keeping your hormones balanced during menopause grab this free download

More blog articles on weight loss:  

This blog was all about sneaky (easy, non-diet) tips to get your metabolism on the right track.  To learn more about the right way to eat for weight loss during menopause - check out this series of blog articles.

The ultimate hormonal weight loss TIP:  

One of the biggest reasons our metabolism goes DOWN during menopause is that we lose muscle mass.

Keeping your testosterone level (it's one of your sex hormones) high enough can help you build and maintain more muscle mass, which can help increase your metabolism.

Using Chinese herbs to help your body keep all your sex hormone levels, including testosterone, high enough is one of my favorite ways to help women experience easier weight loss during & after menopause.  

Who doesn't love some free Resources that will help you get started?



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