Smoothies from around the web – which are best for menopause? - Dana LaVoie, LAc

My Favorite Smoothies

(and what to avoid) For Hormonal Balance


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Smoothies can be a great tool in optimizing your diet for hormonal balance and relief from menopausal symptoms.  

Join me on FB Live as I take you on a tour of my favorite smoothie recipes on the web.  

I'll show you the ones I like - and I'll show you what I avoid..

Plus I'll give you some tips on making any smoothie more menopause friendly. 

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Links mentioned in the video - get your hormone-balancing, menopause-friendly smoothies here!

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Dana LaVoie, LAc

Hi, I'm Dana, a Senior Tonic Herbalist devoted to helping women find the secrets to balancing their hormones naturally and spiraling their health upward to new levels.

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