How I Make My Hormone-Balancing Smoothies For Menopause Symptom RELIEF!

Watch this short video to learn exactly how to make a hormone balancing smoothie for menopause:

  • Why I love them
  • What's in them
  • How to make them
  • Plus my two favorite tips for making any smoothie more menopause friendly. 

What you'll find in the video:

1:00 Why I love smoothies for hormone balancing during menopause

1:05 What's in my hormone-balancing smoothie

2:03 Fruit for your menopause-friendly smoothie

2:13 Vegetables for a green smoothie

2:38 Liquid - makes the blender go round

2:50 Menopause specific superfoods for your smoothie

3:00 Adding healthy fats to your smoothie for menopause relief

3:15 Protein and superfood powders

3:35 Adding herbs to your smoothie

3:42 What makes your smoothie delicious  - healthy, superfood flavorings & sweeteners

4:20 How to actually make the menopause smoothie

4:30 Tips for serving your smoothie that make it easier to digest!

4:45 A special tip to make any smoothie more menopause-friendly

6:18 - see me actually making the smoothie - putting everything in the blender - and serving.

Learn more about hormone balancing smoothies and other natural remedies for menopause.. 

Check out THIS ARTICLE for my smoothie building chart and some other favorite natural remedies for menopause.

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So what's the recipe for these hormone balancing smoothies for menopause??

Fruit: use 1/2 banana and 1/3 cup berries or cherries

Vegetables: Use a cup of mixed salad greens or spinach.  Add 1/4 red pepper, 1/3 cucumber, and 1/2 carrot if desired.

Liquid: Use 2/3 cup coconut water, hot tea, milk, or nut milk.  Warm the liquid to make your smoothie more metabolism boosting

Superfoods & Healthy Flavor: 2 Tablespoons flax seeds, 1-2 Tsp chia seeds, 1 oz goji berries, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a slice of ginger root, 1-2 Tablespoons raw cacao powder, a pinch of sea salt, a splash of vanilla

Protein:  My favorite protein powders are Pea protein and grass fed Whey protein.  1-2 pastured eggs are delicious as well

Sweetener: Optional! But if you like it more sweet add 5 drops of stevia, a squirt of sweetfruit drops, a date, or 1T maple syrup.

Healthy Fats: 2 tsp or more of coconut oil, 2-4 brazil nuts, 1/4 of an avocado

Herb powders or capsules:  Toss them in the blender

Put all ingredients in a powerful blender - and blend well.  

Add more liquid for a more watery smoothie.. and add more avocado or chia seeds for a thicker smoothie.

When serving... sprinkle chopped nuts and raw cacao nibs over the top - squirt on your favorite herbal tinctures - then chew each mouthful well.

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