The Experts Give Their #1 Weight Loss Tips For Menopause

Recipes, Resources, & (free) Downloads - oh my. 

When I asked myself, how can I take this 4-part series of blog posts on menopause weight gain to the next level, and give you something over-the-top helpful?

I thought...  Why don’t I ask a bunch of experts if they’ll chime in and provide resources?

So that’s what I did!

This is Part 4 of a series of articles I've written on how to lose weight during menopause.  If you haven't seen them yet - here’s where you’ll find

Part 1 - the 7 reasons why diets fail (plus 2 bonus reasons)

Part 2 - how to make weight loss a lifestyle during menopause - not a diet - and how the Chinese Medicine view of menopause can help.

Part 3 - Diets That Work During Menopause -  the 12 key elements of diets that work even in face of menopausal weight gain.

(you’ll definitely want to check these out!)

So I'm very happy to share with you - what the experts give as their #1 weight loss tips for women in menopause


#1 JJ Virgin:

JJ Virgin is a best-selling author and expert on all things nutrition.  She is a a teacher who truly understands weight loss in the deepest, healthiest way possible.

JJ Virgin

Here's JJ's #1 weight loss tip for menopause:

"Losing weight during menopause is totally possible, but you can't approach it like you would in your 20s or 30s.

I've always said your body is a chemistry lab, not a bank account, and it's especially true at this time in your life.

Your focus should be on balancing your hormones and dialing in your diet and lifestyle habits first, and the weight loss will follow."

For more help from JJ - check out

  1. Estro-Care her overall hormone-balancing supplement
  2. A great article on tips for controlling menopause naturally
  3. A delicious smoothie aimed at halting hot flashes in their tracks (this smoothie tastes delic, and since it’s truly aimed at balancing hormones - it’ll help with other menopausal symptoms as well.

#2 Dr. Anna Garrett:

Dr. Anna Garrett helps women between 40 and 60 balance their hormones so they can live happy, healthy lives.  She's a certified coach and Dr. of Pharmacy, and she finds her methods work so well that 85% of women can be helped without hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Anna Garrett

Here's Dr. Anna's #1 weight loss tip for menopause:

"I hear from so many women who say they're doing everything right and still gaining weight.

Yes, there is the contribution of hormone imbalances that need to be addressed, but I think we underestimate the importance of the weight of the mental baggage we carry around.

The things we say to ourselves when we're by ourselves are usually incredibly mean...  and all of this mean girl talk causes weight to stay on.  

Part of my mission is to help women become "diet culture dropouts" and nourish themselves in ways that feel like love. When we're able to do this, we give our bodies permission to return to their natural weight."

For more help from Dr. Anna check out her new program that addresses all of these aspects of weight loss

#3 Nagina Abdullah

Nagina is the Ultimate Weight-Loss Coach for Busy, Ambitious Women

She specializes helping women lose weight at any age by adding spices to their diet. (Does that sound like a fun, easy way to lose weight or what??) 

Nagina Abdullah

Here's Nagina's #1 weight loss tip for menopause:

"Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric to your day to lose weight.

Turmeric helps prevent new fat from forming on your body.

Turmeric is also a natural anti-inflammatory spice, and helps your muscles relax, helping to lower joint pain and muscle soreness.

One of the best benefits of turmeric, especially for women 45+, is that it is a proven "phytoestrogen," which are plant metabolites that mimic the activity of estrogen.

Lack of estrogen leads to symptoms such as hot flashes, sleeping disorders, mood swings, etc., and turmeric helps to counteract this.

Here's how you can use turmeric in your day:

• Add ¼ teaspoon into morning eggs

• Add ½ teaspoon into your smoothie

• Make my easy "Golden Smoothie"

Check out Nagina's delicious Fat-Blocking Golden Smoothie including turmeric, here!   As a bonus, she will also send her spiced weight-loss recipe book with 7 more recipes.

#4 Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor, L.Ac., founder of The Breakfast Cure, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Congee enthusiast who has been turning her private clients on to the benefits of congee, including the weight loss benefits, for over 20 years.

Karen Taylor

Here's Karen's #1 weight loss tip for menopause:

"Congee is the comfort food weight loss secret weapon for women. If you feel sluggish or bloated, or if you eat very much raw or cold food, you’ll want to learn what Asian women have known for centuries. Boost metabolism with a warm, comforting, delicious, nutritious breakfast.

Grains such as rice and barley remove unhealthy fluids that cause bloating, swelling and unwanted weight gain. Yet, congee delivers healthy fluid and fiber to gently cleanse and eliminate.

Congee build the digestive energy and warmth needed to break down and absorb vitamins and nutrients. In other words, cooked food boosts metabolism and congee regulates digestion.

This simple porridge is so easy to make, it saves time too. Congee to the rescue!"

Learn more from Karen at

For some women, jump starting their weight-loss journey with a cleanse is helpful.  A couple of our experts today are jumping in to help you learn more!

#5 Ireene Siniakis

Is the Health Mentor for busy professionals

She can help you figure out how to fit eating right and exercising into a busy, professional life.

JJ Virgin

Here's Ireene's #1 weight loss tip for menopause

"Your digestive system is your 2nd brain so you want to ensure it’s functioning at its peak. That way, you can ensure your weight is stabilized, your moods are intact and your body is not inflamed.

So before you embark on any weight loss journey, you’ve got to ‘clean out the gunk’ before you ‘put good food in.’

Think of a clogged drain.

You pour water down the drain and sure water will still get through but most of the water will be caught up in the gunk. Same with your gut. Your gut can not absorb all those good nutrients until you clear the passage first.

So how do we clean it out? I recommend a Green Juice Cleanse."

This FREE guide will help get you started >

For more help from Ireene - check out

#6 Laura Dankof

Laura Dankof is a nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience working in health care and has helped hundreds of women navigate the “change”. She’s one of the Menopause Sisters (yes they’re really sisters) who work together to provide resources including a radio show, blog, courses, and products to help women through menopause

Laura Dankof

Here's Laura's #1 weight loss tip for menopause:

"Weight gain is common in menopause.

Toxins in the food, environment, skincare products and even toxic relationships can be contributing to your menopausal weight gain.

Cleansing your body and mind naturally is one of the best ways to help jump start your weight loss and relieve your menopausal symptoms.

To help you, start every spring and fall with the Detox Your Body & Mind in 30 Days self-guided program."

Check out the detox program here

Learn more about Laura and the Menopause Sisters and their other resources here

I really couldn't wrap up this series of articles on weight loss during menopause without saying..

First - a HUGE thank you to the incredible experts that contributed their time and wisdom to this article.  

And my closing thoughts on this whole weight loss series...  While I know losing weight is important - diet is about much more than weight loss.

Diet is the foundation - it's where you can get basic hormonal building blocks and detox nutrients. 

And what it is the foundation for?  For getting the best results from herbal remedies for balancing hormones naturally.  When used together you can get real, long-lasting relief - learn how:

Want to check out the rest of this series of articles on menopause weight loss?  Here they are! 

Part 1 - the 7 reasons why diets fail (plus 2 bonus reasons)

Part 2 - how to make weight loss a lifestyle during menopause - not a diet - and how the Chinese Medicine view of menopause can help.

Part 3 - Diets That Work During Menopause -  the 12 key elements of diets that work even in face of menopausal weight gain.

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