The Three Most Important Supplements for Menopause

I’m an herbalist - but in this video I’m not talking about herbs AT ALL.  Because while I'm not a big fan of supplements..  There are a few supplements for menopause I feel are absolutely necessary. To find out which ones made the cut.. Watch the video!

Watch the video - share this post - and ask questions - I'm here to help. 

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Herbs vs Supplements for Menopause 

I’m an herbalist - and in this video I’m not talking about herbs AT ALL.

Because while I'm not a big fan of vitamin and mineral type supplements, there are a few I feel are totally worth it and really important during menopause.

To find out which ones made the cut, Read on.  Because in this blog I'm sharing  the supplements I think are most important during menopause.

These are key building blocks your body needs to be able to navigate the hormonal changes of menopause while keeping symptoms to a minimum.

#1 Vitamin D for menopause

This “vitamin” is also a hormone! weird right??  But without enough vitamin D you’re prone to worsening hot flashes, nights sweats and insomnia in addition to being more likely to get colds and flus, more likely to get cancer, and much more likely to experience mood swings, anxiety or depression.

I did a whole video on Vitamin D - so check that out for all the details on how much to take.

Check out my video on Vitamin D For Women to learn everything you need to know about this key supplement. 

vitamin d for women

#2 Healthy fats including Omega 3s for menopause

Hormones are made of fats. During menopause your hormones are changing fast, and your body is trying to keep up and keep things in balance.  Without enough healthy fats as building blocks,  there’s just not much chance of success.

So oily fish like wild caught salmon, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, olive oil, nuts & seeds - and especially flax seeds - should be a regular part of your diet.  And if they’re not - consider an Omega 3 supplement.

#3 Minerals for menopause

Magnesium, Iodine, and Calcium. I think we need to supplement with minerals more than vitamins!! I could talk for a long time on the importance of each of these plus trace minerals like zinc and selenium are important too. 

Consider a good multi mineral supplement or make sure you’re getting enough of all of these in your diet.

Where to find the best supplements

I love to share information with everyone.  But the women who work with me in my online program Menopause Made Easy with Herbs get access to my online herbal pharmacy with the highest professional quality herbs AND SUPPLEMENTS at their fingertips with all my favorites and most recommended products. 

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Three Steps to Easing Menopause Symptoms with Natural Remedies

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