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Menopause Insomnia Why Sleeping Can Suck During Menopause and What To Do About It

menopause insomnia

MENOPAUSE INSOMNIAWhy Sleep Can Suck During Menopause and what to do about itI’m so hot I can’t sleep! Sound familiar?  But why is there a link between menopause and insomnia?   Does menopause cause insomnia? WHY do the hormonal changes of menopause (& potentially low hormone levels post menopause) keep us from sleeping?   Well there are two main […]

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The Best Hormone-Healthy Chocolate Avocado Recipes

chocolate avocado recipes

The Best Hormone-Healthy Chocolate Avocado RecipesWhy are we talking about this?   Because using the best herbs for menopause, supported by the best diet for menopause, sometimes comes down to.. Standing in front of the fridge at 3 am thinking I WANT CHOCOLATE. So part of my job is to help you with the nuts and bolts everyday […]

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Diet VS Herbs For Menopause

diet or herbs which is better for menopause

Diet VS Herbs For MenopauseWhich is better?  Which comes first?  Which is more important?  Diet or herbs for controlling menopause symptoms and feeling great after menopause.  Watch the video to find out.  Get My Smoothie! (It’s Free) Kick menopause’s butt – naturally. Download my hormone-balancing, hidden-vegetable smoothie recipe – and that’s just the beginning.  I’ll email my […]

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How To Get More Sleep During Menopause For Thicker Hair

get more sleep during menopause

How To Get More Sleep During Menopause For Thicker HairExperts agree – you want SEVEN hours of sleep a night to help prevent or reverse hair loss.But during menopause most women have trouble sleeping So In today’s video I’ll show you the two key things to focus on for better sleep – even during menopause. […]

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