How To Apply Safe Menopause Makeup You'll Love

Here are the 3 magic steps

  1. Even out skin color
  2. Define eyes & brows
  3. Add color to lips & cheeks

and that's it - the 3 magic steps to bringing your face to life in just minutes & without looking "made up" so it's perfect menopause makeup (plus it's sweat resistant!) 

You see, the thing is.. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've put on makeup - and thought I looked worse after it was on!!  

Eyeshadow can make my eyes look like black holes... Mascara tends to smudge on me...  And It's easy for me to look too pale and washed out - or artificially blushed...

And especially as I've gotten older! It's easy for makeup to backfire.  

But over the years I've found techniques that work for me... And in this tutorial the tricks I'm recommending are flattering on EVERYONE no matter what your features or eye shape are like - and they all have an anti-aging effect.  

Plus I've found nontoxic, hormone-friendly makeup that performs as well as any department store brand. 

I challenge you to give it a try and prove me right or wrong!! And mostly I just hope you find something in the video that you find useful and that helps you feel even more beautiful and ready to face the world each day. 

menopause makeup before and after

This 3-step makeup application is

  • Anti-Aging
  • Universally Flattering
  • Hormone Friendly
  • Quick & Easy

Why does this work so well?

Even skin tone, definition and a flush of color are what you have when you're younger - so now - they let the eye think you look younger without looking made up. 

They did a study that showed - when looking at pictures of faces - picture of people with an even skin tone looked younger - even if they had wrinkles!!

So it's not actually wrinkles that makes you look old - it's uneven skin.  (Great news - because even skin tone we can fake easily!) 

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My passion is helping women balance their hormones naturally for menopause relief and gorgeous aging.  

My secret?  Using a smart combination of natural remedies (because no ONE remedy alone will get you all the results you crave.)  

Here's what it takes: Diet, Implementation (actually making changes) Apothecary (herbs & supplements,) and Lifestyle.  

Today's tip for dry skin is part of Lifestyle.  Switching to clean makeup products without the hormone-disrupting (not to mention cancer-causing) chemicals is important.  But I don't want you to give up products you love without finding a clean alternative that's as good if not better - because that's just my style.  

Let's break it down:

What you'll need

  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner
  • Brow color
  • Mascara
  • Lip color
  • Angle Brush

This is what I used in the video

* I also love the Sappho Essential Foundation - I wore the old version of it in Lisa - it just doesn't come in the perfect color for me - and I haven't tried this new version of the product. 

You can find these at The Detox Market

And all the Kjaer Weiss products can be purchased as refills - they come without the reusable case.. So if you have your own magnetic palettes - you can just buy the refill the first time as I do - and they're quite a bit less expensive:) Even the mascara can be used as a refill - though the case is really beautiful! 

  • The secret to great application?  Moisturize your skin 5 minutes before applying foundation.

Check out the other articles in this series on natural, nontoxic beauty for 50 and beyond for great tips, tricks, and product recommendations:

My #1 Dry Skin Tip

What You Need to Know Right Now About Makeup for Menopause - Interview with Ivy Schnepp

I hope you enjoyed this tip for anti-aging makeup - perfect for menopause and beyond.  

I hope you'll make my day and send me a picture of yourself when you try out this look!! 

Oh, and please hit the share button to let your friends know about this great technique  too.

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