The Best Natural Remedies For Hair Loss In Women - Dana LaVoie, LAc

The Best Natural Remedies For Hair Loss In Women

That moment when you see all that hair on your hairbrush - or going down the drain in the shower... And you have no idea what to do about it? 

Well in this blog video I'll show you how to make a comprehensive plan to address each of the six causes of the most common type of hair loss in women over 40.  

So that you have a simple way to help keep your hair thick, shiny, & healthy during & after menopause. 

Thinning hair is a little complicated... 

In this video I'll give you a beautiful overview of how the six different causes of hair loss are tied together, and how you can have a simple way to make sure you're addressing all of them with one plan. 

There's homework for this video

In this video I suggest you get out a piece of paper or an online doc and make an outline of your plan for helping to prevent or reverse thinning hair.  

Create a section for each of the six common causes of thinning hair.

In this video I give you a summary of what's going to go in each section.  Enter those notes into each section.

Now you've got a beautiful overview of how this is going to work...  

And with the future videos in this series, you'll fill in the details for each section. 

Here are those six sections

1. Hormone Imbalance (including thyroid problems) can cause hair loss
2. Stress - either acute or chronic
3. Toxins -  especially small, daily exposures
4. Fungal infections anywhere in or on the body
5. Nutritional deficiencies
6. Lack of sleep (less than 7 good hours per night)

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So To Review, Hair Loss... 

Hair loss is a little complicated.. Which is why, with this video,  I want you to outline a simple, but comprehensive plan that includes everything you can do safely and naturally to prevent or reverse thinning hair. 

Then with the future videos in this series, you'll fill in the details for each section. 

Thanks so much for joining me here today!

 I'd love to know what was the one thing that jumped out at you - that you're going to start using right away?  

Please type that into the comments below along with any questions. 

And be sure to check out the other videos in this series. 

Peace & Wellness

 - Dana

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