My Favorite Go-To Eye Makeup Look Updated For Over 50

This has been one of my favorite, easy go-to eyeshadow looks for years. Now I've updated it for my over 50 face. 

What makes this easy, over 50 eyeshadow look work

Preparing the eyes for the eyeshadow

Avoid any heavy or greasy moisturizers or eye creams, and as a base, I recommend a light layer of foundation or moisturizer. 

You want your eyelids to be just like color-corrected skin - I don't use a base layer of shadow. 

What to use on your skin and cheeks


Apply a light layer of foundation to even out skin tone.  

Then add a second layer or some concealer just on the areas where you need more coverage...

  • Hint:  Check around the nose and mouth, the under-eye area, and spots or blemishes. 


Apply blush and/or bronzer however you like.  I use blush high on the cheekbones and bronzer around the edges of the face on my temples, cheekbone, and jawline. 

  • Hint:  A cream blush can really look like a flush that's coming from within

As for why an herbalist like me is even talking about eyeshadow

#1 - I like to help you celebrate your over-50 fabulousness

#2 - Using makeup that doesn't contain hormone-disrupting chemicals is an important part of the hormone-friendly lifestyle that help your body balance hormones naturally. 

And bonus - it'll help your herbal remedies for menopause (my specialty) to work even better.  Check out my free resources so I can help you learn to start balancing your hormones naturally right now. 



The Menopause Blueprint Masterclass

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What to wear on your lips

You can go natural with a color that's just a bit more intense than your natural lip color - or you can go bold.  This look works with any lip. 

How to do the basic eyeshadow look

Applying the eyeshadow

Watch the video for a tutorial on how I apply the eyeshadow.  I use just ONE color.  I apply it more heavily near the lash line and on the lid then blend it out into and just above the crease - all one color. 

I also like to add some of the same shadow below the lower lash line. 

Choosing the right eyeshadow

You can do this look with any color of eyeshadow.  

COLOR:  I usually use a neutral or metallic color like beige, taupe, platinum or golden peach - that's similar to or slightly darker than my natural skin color - and for dark skin a shade or two lighter than your skin tone works well.  But colors work well also - burgundy, green, purple - you name it it can work with this look. 

FINISH: I like a satin shimmer - not too flat but not full on glittery

Adding the mascara

One color of eyeshadow AND mascara are both integral to this look.  When applying the mascara be sure to really wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes to define the lash line and make the lashes look thicker. 

Hint: Curl your lashes before applying the mascara

How I updated the look once I turned 50

To give this look the same effect it has when I was younger I add

  1.  A thin line of eyeliner dabbed in between the roots of the upper lashes
  2.  Sometimes I also add a very light layer of a matte shadow slightly darker than my skin tone just above the crease of my eye (where it's started to sag a bit!) 

Here are some examples of this look from some of my favorite makeup artists.  

You'll notice that the first picture on the upper left uses a pale green eyeshadow (told you this worked with color) 

And you'll see how good this can look on hooded eyes. 

eyeshadow looks


In this video I used

Aether Beauty eye palette in Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone for the lid color and crease color.  I used Crystalline and Sandstone mixed together on the lid and Scorpio in the crease

Aether Beauty eye palette in Joshua Tree for the eyeliner (I used the darkest green - Agave

Kjaer Weis volumizing mascara

Fluffy eyeshadow brush #175 from Cozzette (a vegan makeup brush line)

And in the meantime, let me help you start learning to balance your hormones naturally for menopause relief and healthy aging benefits with these FREE resources:

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menopause blueprint masterclass

Get back to enjoying life THIS year!

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Please put your questions & comments in the comments section below, I'd truly love to hear from you!

And better yet - post or send me a picture of your version of this eyeshadow look. 

This information is being provided to you for educational and informational purposes only. It is being provided to you to educate you about Chinese medicine in your diet, lifestyle, and supplements and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not personalized health advice. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment.  For my full Disclaimer, please go to

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