How to use frankincense essential oil to help with sun damage and age spots

This is a quick blog video to share with you my #1 favorite, go-to remedy for sun damage and age spots. 

I'll cover: 

  • What the experts & science say about Frankincense
  • Can frankincense compare to retinols
  • And my experience with Frankincense and how I use it on my face

What the experts & the science say about Frankincense essential oil for your skin

Experts say Frankincense:

  • Can help with fading age spots
  • Can help resolve uneven coloration (hello age spots,)
  • And even improve blemishes  

It's also known as a strong astringent that tightens skin and can minimize the look of wrinkles and even sagging. 

Can Frankincense essential oil compare to retinols? 

Experts say that Frankincense's ability to support cellular regeneration make it "a bit like retinol, but without the sun sensitivity, drying, and thinning that most retinols cause." 

As for why an herbalist like me is even talking about skin care... 

Finding ways to get the results you want from your skincare without using products that contain hormone-disrupting chemicals...

Will help herbal remedies for hormone balancing, menopause relief, and healthy aging to work even better. 

Grab the free resource below, so I can help you start learning to balance your hormones naturally right now. 

My experience with Frankincense essential oil

I use Frankincense on sun damage and discolored spots, plus any other skin blemishes that appear.

I've found that used consistently over time - the spots fade.  

Of course if a spot doesn't resolve get it checked out - but why not try the Frankincense as well?  I like to dab it on once to twice a day - see the video for details. 

And in the meantime, let me help you start learning to balance your hormones naturally for menopause relief and healthy aging benefits with these FREE resources:

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Get back to enjoying life THIS year!

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Please put your questions & comments in the comments section below, I'd truly love to hear from you!

And better yet - when you try this - let me know how transformative it is!

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