What is the best Valentines Day makeup look over 50? 

 February 4, 2021

By  Dana LaVoie, LAc

What's the best, inviting, Valentine's Day makeup look for over 50?

I'm sharing the top three things people find off-putting when it comes to makeup on their partner...

And the three things that most make people want to grab you and kiss you - the things they find inviting. 

Why an herbalist is talking about makeup

There are so many great options on the market today - you can get the makeup look you want using hormone-friendly makeup free of hormone-disrupting chemicals. 

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So... Inviting Makeup:  Here are the top three things to avoid and the top 4 things to include!

The #1 thing that looks good is always confidence

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, looks better on you than feeling confident. 

So anytime you're deciding on what makeup to wear... Ask yourself how it makes you feel. 

Makeup to consider avoiding in your Valentine's Day or date-night makeup look

Yes - you should wear whatever makeup rocks your world.  

But if you want to know the makeup that scores as the most off putting...

The things that make people want to back away instead of reach out and kiss you...

Here they are: 

  • Sticky Lips.  Glassy, super shiny lip gloss that's sticky when touched is a winner in this category. 
  • Lipstick that looks easy to mess up.  I love a bold lip look - but for many partners it looks untouchable.  Like they'll mess it up too easily or it'll make a mess.  
  • Blush that's too bright.  I'm a huge fan of blush, but blush that's too TOO bright or too strong also gets voted on as off putting. 

Makeup to consider including in your Valentine's Day or date night makeup look

So what's the makeup that makes the majority of people want to reach over and kiss you?  The most approachable, inviting makeup - which I consider perfect for Valentine's Day?

  • Flushed but still natural looking cheeks.  When you're aroused, your cheeks flush.  So flushed cheeks make you look ready to be kissed. 
  • Glowy but not shiny skin.  Glowing skin is youthful and looks like it feels so soft... 
  • Moist (but not sticky) lips.  As our lips get thinner with age, a moist but not overly shiny or sticky finish is the best way to go for your lips. 
  • Winged eyeliner - if it matches your attitude.  This is a no-nonsense look that's bold, strong, sexy, and looks like it'll weather any amount of fooling around.  

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